‘Domino’ designs are a special kind of decorated papers.  The patterns have been printed using a woodblock and the colour applied using a paintbrush or stencil.

In France, these sheets of paper decorated with geometric or floral patterns peaked in popularity during the second half of the eighteenth century.  In the meantime, other countries also started printing in important volumes their own design styles for decorative paper, using autochthonous printing methods.

Italy used a method that employed several woodblocks, producing very intricate, richly coloured paper.

‘Domino’ printed paper was produced by artisan ‘dominotiers’ – craftsmen who sometimes also made playing cards (cartiers). In 1540 they became part of the guild of « playing card makers, paper leaf makers, master dominotiers printers of history »

‘Domino’printed paper was used to decorate the interiors of boxes, drawers and small items. They were used mainly for covering books and brochures. Printed paper with floral patterns tended to reproduce patterns from brocade or Indian fabrics.

They were also designed to be used as wallpaper. As they were assembled side by side, they produced continuous, repeating  patterns which were perfect to decorate a dull monochromatic wall.

The dominotier engraves the wood stencil himself or calls upon the skills of an artisan engraver. The woodblock print is dabbed with a « frotton » on a sheet of paper in so-called « crown » size (dimensions approx 45 x 36 cm.).

The colour is made by natural pigments and Arabic gum, and then added by hand or with a stencil.

Every sheet has its name, the town where it was made, and a number written on the edge of the sheet.

‘Domino’ printed papers were printed in thousands of copies by the craftsmen. They were distributed in bulk quantities and sold cheaply. These fragile prints, destined for short term use, were not highly regarded due to their popularity but they are now very rare and scarce.

Following in the tradition of 18th century style, the italian company Rossi 1931 designs and produces romantically beautiful “domino” papers in size cm. 50×70 (inch.20×28).


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Rossi’s paper sheets are available in the maximum size of cm. 70 x 100 cm ( 28 x 40 “).

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