Trendy papers, as seen in… London

A selection of 10 Trendy Designs with gold accents!.

Thanks to Fortnum and Mason Dept. Store in London, for the wonderful display of Rossi decorative papers.


Rossi 1931 prestigious italian papers are designed by Patrizia Margheri. Their refined printing techniques and the use of gold accents make these wrapping paper designs trendy and unique.

In addition to making a wonderful luxury gift wrap, the prestigious Rossi wrapping paper is also suitable for book binding, book covering, envelope liners, scrapbooking, lining drawers or shelves, card making, origami, wedding invitation sashes or belly bands, decoration, decoupage, doll’s house paper or paper crafts!

Rossi has been distinguished since 1931 for the quality of its products characterized by a harmonious combination of art, tradition and modernity with a production that ranges from decorative papers with powdered gold finishing to writing papers, invitations cards, greeting cards, notebooks, notepads and much more.

Discover the entire collection of “Rossi 1931 trendy designs” with over 350 beautiful decorative papers. The original one, 100% made in Italy since 1931!

© Patrizia Margheri Design. All Rights Reserved. All designes are catalogued and preserved, at the behest of the author, at the Rossi 1931 company archives and at the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) in Rome.

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