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ETON Shirtmaking since 1928 presents its new collection of extravagant shirts.

The designs of the new shirt collection are by Rossi 1931.

The collaboration between these companies, which began a few years ago, continues with the creation of truly unique products.

Try to thinks your products customized with our beautiful designs…
Embellish your products! Develops your business and attract new markets with Rossi’s stunning designs.
We are looking for new and exciting collaborations.
Are you ready? Could be the new generation of your products!



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Hundreds of illustrations, in various styles, made over the years by Patrizia Margheri, some of which are still unpublished and strictly catalogued and preserved, at the behest of the author, at the Rossi 1931 company archives and at the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) in Rome.