The Rossi logo, designed almost by chance…

The tradename “Rossi carta e biglietti dal 1931” has been registered not only in Italy but all over the world, in Europe, America, Russia, Japan, China, Australia and elsewhere.

The singular history of the Rossi logo, which has remained unchanged for nearly forty years, deserves mention of its own.  

The Rossi logo is striking for its youthful, somewhat irreverent air.

The letters are not frontally aligned, like jockeys holding their breath, but are gently slanted along an imaginary diagonal line.

For his logo, Giorgio Rossi turned to the well-known painter and graphic artist Uliviero Ulivieri. They had met at the Zincografica Fiorentina, a real crossroads of artist not bound to the academy and its rites, but open to new techniques coming from the world of industry.

The Zincografica, a kind of Bauhaus on the banks of the Arno, is only dimly recalled in writing but vividly remembered by those who frequented its noisy, busy premises, far removed from the teacups and trays of the literary cafes.

On that day, Giorgio was wearing a sweater with an unusually irregular decorative motif.

Ulivieri had the impression of reading the name Rossi in those lines, and followed this intuition in his design.

In this way the Rossi logo was born… almost by chance.