Couture Stationery

The buzz term floating around fine stationery these days is Couture.
Mostly in reference to, but not limited to, Wedding Invitations and Social Stationery. Couture is most often thought of as a term for fashion, usually high end designer fashion.
Couture Stationery” is named as such, in reference to its close similarity in process and final product to modern-day haute couture fashion.
Social Stationery by fine Italian stationer Rossi 1931 is a classic collection of luxury stationery recommended for weddings and any other special occasion.
This product was initiated in the Rossi factory many decades ago and through experience and refined craftsmanship the current product was obtained. With its beautiful texture and delicate feathery “deckle” edges. The feather edge is the result of sheets being naturally and carefully torn.
This collection is available in a wide range of styles and sizes: flat and folded cards, placecards, writing paper and matching envelopes. All in cream and pure white.
The Rossi Social Stationery is easily distinguishable from other similar products in the market by the quality and beauty of its packaging, no detail is neglected.
A Fine selection of cards with deckle edge.
Recommended for all writing application as well as letterpress printing and engraving.
Excellent for announcements, invitations or any kind of correspondence.
The best made in Italy “Couture Stationery” in luxury boxes of 100 pcs.

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