Coccoina and Rossi, an Italian collaboration

Balma, Capoduri & C. is a concrete example of what it means to be “Made in Italy”. They are proud of this origin and the trademark conveys the excellence of their Coccoina line as well as their other division, Zenith (the much loved and very cool staplers). It is present on all their packaging and it certifies the quality, reliability and above all, the origin of their products. The tin container and brush, are manufactured in Italy in the company’s production plants in Voghera.

“Passion for manufacturing, innovation, efficiency, “made in Italy”, social responsibility and respect for the environment… These values have always been our landmarks”.

In keeping with Italian tradition Rossi is doing a private label program with Coccoina based on their historical advertising campaigns from as far back as the 1920’s.
The managing director of Coccoina was kind enough to explain, “We have known the Rossi Company for more than 30 years and we appreciate their creativity and their high quality products; just like Rossi, our company too, is among the ones which are most connected to the ideal of true ”Made in Italy”. We have recently had a collaboration with Rossi for the supply of all the paper products of our brand new line of Coccoina merchandise. (Notepads and notebooks).”

The brand new line of Coccoina paper products, which includes different sizes of notepads and notebooks, is finely crafted by Rossi1931 for Coccoina. The covers show beautiful and rare vintage pictures of the old famous Coccoina advertising campaigns, while the internal pages are imbued with the traditional almond fragrance of all Coccoina glues.

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