The MUSEC of Lugano presents “SUR PAPIER”, a the temporary exhibition from 20.10.2021 to 20.03.2022.

The Sur Papier project is the result of a meeting and collaboration between two artists: Jiang Zuqing (China) and Francine Mury (Switzerland).

Their shared interest in paper as a medium for drawing and painting led them to experience working together, creating ink works on large format paper produced according to traditional methods in a factory in the Chinese province of Anhui. The significance of this moment of sharing and encounter between cultures generated the desire to broaden the reflection on the theme of dialogue between artists and the hybridisation of artistic languages between different cultures, including a third visual artist, Mingjun Luo (China-Switzerland) and a musician-composer, Sivan Eldar (Israel-USA).

In the museum shop, a vast selection of Rossi 1931 paper products.

Partner: WEGA 1935 Sagl – Lugano,


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