Papiro design by Rossi 1931

In our new collection of decorative papers for 2024, we have included a design featuring the Papiro plant.

In this new design, we have used very distinctive and imaginative color schemes with the intention of enhancing the sinuous forms of this beautiful plant.

This new Papiro design, printed in Florence, has also been enriched with the application of “gold” powder printing.

As is known, this challenging semi-artisanal process involves fixing a small amount of “gold” powder (bronze powder) onto well-defined areas of the designs, embellishing them and making them unique and special.

The Papiro, beyond its refined aesthetic beauty, represents much more.

The importance of Papiro paper as a medium for transmitting culture was fundamental, and that is why we decided to depict this elegant and iconic plant in a decorative paper.

In addition to making a wonderful luxury gift wrap, the prestigious Rossi wrapping paper is also suitable for book binding, book covering, envelope liners, scrapbooking, lining drawers or shelves, card making, origami, wedding invitation sashes or belly bands, decoration, decoupage, doll’s house paper or paper crafts!

Discover the Papiro paper printed in Florence and the entire collection of “Rossi 1931 trendy designs” with over 350 beautiful references.

Rossi 1931 prestigious italian papers are designed by Patrizia Margheri.

© Patrizia Margheri Design. All Rights Reserved. All designes are catalogued and preserved, at the behest of the author, at the Rossi 1931 company archives and at the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) in Rome.

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