Rossi 1931, a world of exquisite Italian papers and stationery, presents the new Holiday 2021/2022 catalog.

Vintage Postcards, delightful vintage images perfect for sending a quick note;

Boxed Notecards, a beautiful assortment of blank cards to spread Christmas cheer!;

Gift Tags/Decorations, are a must-have for any Christmas gift! Great for sealing envelopes or the finishing touch on those perfectly wrapped presents;

Place Cards, a classic folded place card adds the final touch to each place setting on a beautifully set table. They are perfect for creating name cards for guest’s seats or for labeling appetizers and entrees on the buffet or table;

Santa Letters, “old style” letters for Santa Claus, full of the promise of Christmas and all its secrets and magic…;

Gift Case Set, a quickly package in the most charming of ways;

and so much more…


Please, ask for the new Holiday Catalog (Pdf version only) click here