Maestro Pietro Mascagni Collection


“Pietro Mascagni”.
He was a successful musician. From 1890 with Cavalleria Rusticana’s triumph, he managed for over half a century to keep interest high in the major World Theatres.

A versatile Orchestra Conductor, a Music Composer for the cinema and a grand well known personality, a phenomenon of his times, famous for his proverbial quiff of hair. He was a star, beloved by crowd on both sides of the Ocean. He composed 15 operas, among them L’Amico FritzGuglielmo RatcliffIrisLe MaschereNero and he has been open to any experimentation and innovation on Music, Theatre, Art. Now his works are represented all over the world.

These exclusive “Mascagni” notebooks and notepad have been printed on an antique printing press.
The strong covers are in high quality Italian cardboard of 250 and 350 gsm and made using in part residues from organic products of cherry.

The products, branded “Pietro Mascagni“, are available in the new 2018 catalog.