“Perfetto”, just in a click!

Dreaming to get products 100% designed and produced in Italy just in a click?

We do have a fast, fun and easy solution for you!

Visit our website www.uswarehouse.1931.com to order now!

During these uncertain times we do care even more about our clients and that’s why, from our warehouse located in Tampa, Florida, you can buy the finest selection of our products.

Once produced in our factory in Italy, collections are shipped from our premises to our US warehouse on a regular basis to make sure our US and Canada clients can easily order in the most efficient and fast way.

Our online order service is open 24/7

For specific inquiries or question you can reach us at :

Phone info: 813-373-2803

E-mail info: uswarehouse@rossi1931.com

The commitment is to supply up to standards products. This has been our focus since the Rossi Company started back in 1931. 

The mission is to make sure our clients can get a taste of Italy as fast and as quick as possible.

We truly hope you will appreciate our efforts to simplify the ordering process for you and we are proud to contribute in reducing distances between your Country and Italy.

We like to think that after reading this you will loud say “perfetto!” , as this will be the proof that we have achieved a great result.

Rossi1931 Team