The best Italian Origami Paper

The beauty of origami is that you can use virtually any paper to make beautiful origami sculptures. With that in mind, take your Japanese origami folding to another continent!
Rossi’s Florentine Papers give your project international flair.
These intricate and traditional Italian prints are inspired by the ornate art of the Renaissance period but also includes contemporary alternatives with modern and innovative subjects.
The face of each sheet of paper is beautifully decorated with stunning colors, detailed designs and gold accents. The reverse is left a natural, off-white solid color.
While heavier than traditional origami papers, the Rossi’s Papers are smooth and crisp providing great creases and edges.

Rossi’s Florentine Decorative Paper is machine made in Italy, is acid free and weigh 85 gsm. and available in two different sizes cm. 70 x 100 cm ( 28 x 40 “) e 50 x 70 cm ( 20 x 28” ).
Besides the use for origami, it is particularly suitable, with excellent results, also for wrapping boxes and gifts, every kind of production in the manufactory of paper products, bookbindery, creative and artistic hobbies, scrapbooking, DIY, decoration and découpage.

Please, ask for 2020 Catalogue with more then 350 references!