Our customers and their stories…

Wega stationery, gifts and books is an exclusive boutique located in the center of Lugano (CH) since 1935 and Rossi’s customer for many years.

Hermann Hesse lived in Montagnola, near Lugano, from 1919 until his death. It is true that in Ticino, especially on the Collina d’Oro, he found his authentic homeland.

It is in Ticino where he loved the climate, the landscapes, the nature and above all the people.

Ernst Fuchs from Wengen, in the Bernese Oberland, apart from being a refined bookseller was also an antiquarian and a passionate bibliophile.

In 1935, he took over the WEGA Library in the historical center of Lugano where he was already the director since several years before.

Mr. Fuchs, began to establish cordial relations with the writers and the artists residing or passing through Lugano including, in fact, the Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse, a frequent client and friend of the WEGA Bookshop.

Hermann Hesse

It is said that Mr. Fuchs and Mr. Hesse would have built a strong relationship for years, they might have been drinking tea, talking about daily events or simply about the weather but above all discussed extensively about the differences in the quality of fountain pens and inks of that time that were on sale at the WEGA bookshop and that the great writer should have tested and comparing their features.

Many years have passed since then but some furnishings, original of the 1930s, they are still part of this historic shop. It is nice to imagine that on the ancient counter of the WEGA shop, the purchases of Hermann Hesse had been handed over to him back then.

Who knows if with those fountain pens, those inks and those refined cards and writing papers, provided by his friend Ernst Fuchs, Mr. Hesse then gave life to one or more of his wonderful master works in Lugano…

Thanks to Wega 1935 shops in Lugano and Lucerne for the gorgeous display of a wide range of Rossi stationery products.