Giorgio Rossi, a courageous and eclectic entrepreneur

One of the sons of Antonio Rossi (1896-1970), Giorgio, grew up in the typography.

Those rooms full of strenuous activities were his training ground, his stimulus, his school
At first Giorgio Rossi learnt to love the job. Based on that he learnt a profession which for him has been a faithful companion, a sweet obsession.

In the early 60’s, Giorgio had the idea and the courage to modify the structure of the activity inherited from his father. The typography turned into a stationery firm. The work became more and more artistic.

The new firm started to produce decorative papers and stationery of high quality, with an added value of
a thorough historical-artistic knowledge, a rooted love for art, a taste for classic contemporaneity.

In the following years Giorgio started to compete in a larger market.

He made a hard engagement that had positive results thanks to the constant research of advanced technologies that could be compatible with the peculiar characteristics of traditonal production.

In 1988, Giorgio acquired the company “Edizioni d’Arte Dordoni” a prestigious art publishing house in Milan. This allowed him to come into possession of an archive of more than 6.000 art reproductions belonging to the major international museums.

In 2001, a further enlargement of the factory and the introduction of new and highly specialized machines.
The main building has actually reached about 5.000 sqm and in 2003 it was completely renovated and reorganized to face the third millennium with a new impulse.

The decorative papers, the papers, the writing papers, the notebooks attest to a love for the profession that combines the most refined and advanced industrial technology with an artisan heritage, still practiced and maintained today.


Rossi 1931 celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2021.

To commemorate the event and, mainly, its founder Antonio Rossi and his son Giorgio (1933-2018), a book is in print, by Prof. Stefano De Rosa, scholar, critic and professor of the History of ‘900 Art.


from the left:
Taddeo (Production), Giorgio (1933-2018) and Mattia (Sales & Marketing)