Dragana Djuric, our Export Manager for Eastern European Market

I would like to say that I’m very thrilled about my new role at Rossi1931!
I joined the company four years ago as the person in charge of both the German speaking countries and the USA market. I had plenty of prior experience working many years as an export manager with several Italian manufacturers/ producers.
Originally from Yugoslavia, I arrived in Italy in ’97; I was 23 and was already an engineer.
I was very determined and when the bans were lifted I graduated in Italy in 2006 in business management. All my studies, plus having done lots of traveling throughout Europe taught me many languages. For this very reason, I was encouraged by the company to offer my knowledge and experience in other geographic areas.
This time it has fallen to the Eastern European Market, so I will now manage different states, Russia included. Of course, I will continue to support the German speaking countries together with our four outstanding agents and distributor for Switzerland.
I always work very hard and independently. Because of that, coupled with my organizational abilities, I am confident I will provide excellent customer support to those territories. I am convinced that this new challenge will ultimately push me forward to gain new performance and competitive skills, hence elevating the company to new heights.
In short, I’d love to contribute to the greater good and I hope to collaborate with other awesome people and nations.
Outside of work I’m very active, and I am never bored! I have many friends, I love rollerblading and always tell myself that the best is yet to come. I am the proverbial optimist!

I feel that this is going to be another great year for all of us.

Dragana Djuric