Before wallpaper could have been produced in continuous rolls, single sheets called “dominos” were printed and coloured by hand.

The “dominoterie” is a handcraft technique from the 18th century. The so-called “domino paper” has a pattern which is engraved in relief with floral or geometric designs, then painted by hand or stenciled.

The domino paper was traditionally used to cover books, boxes and caskets and decorate the insides of chests or cabinets. Walls of small rooms and corridors were often coloured with them as well. Finally, the inside of drawers were decorated with colourful domino paper.

Following the tradition of the 18th century style, the Italian company ‘Rossi 1931’ designs and produces romantically beautiful “domino” papers.

The full collection will be available starting from January 2023. The ‘domino papers’ will be in limited edition, we advise all interested customers to get in contact with us straight away, to obtain additional information.