Patrizia Margheri, our Creative Director

In the 1980s, Patrizia Margheri began an exclusive collaboration with the Rossi 1931 company, first as an external consultant, then as Creative Director.

Soon, most of her beautiful drawings are published by Rossi 1931, which, under the careful direction of the author, creates a wide range of paper products such as decorative paper, writing paper, cards of various kinds, and much more. These products, distributed on the market, will immediately have a great success both nationally and internationally.

Even the press, especially of the sector, will dedicate many articles to the author, recognizing the merit of having skilfully reinterpreted the Renaissance decorations and having been able to apply them, with great artistic sensitivity, even in the paper industry.

The hundreds of illustrations, in various styles, made over the years by Patrizia Margheri, some of which are still unpublished and strictly catalogued and preserved, at the behest of the author, at the Rossi 1931 company archives and at the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) in Rome.

Patrizia Margheri Design – All right reserved.