Antonio Rossi, when the typography was a world apart

Rossi 1931 celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2021.

90 years ago, in Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence), Antonio Rossi, grandfather of Mattia and Taddeo, opened his typography.

It was an artisan typography where the smell of inks surprized customers and writers.

Conversations took place among the deafening noise of the printing machinery, where newspapers, books, post cards, wedding invitations, communion and confirmation cards, labels for food, beverages and medicines were printed.

“The typography was a world apart”.

Being part of it meant smelling the flavor of lead, loving the little miracle,almost an alchemical wonder, to watch the paper filling up, hosting texts and images.

This was the world of Antonio Rossi.

In his native town he had created an activity that referred back to the work carried out by the great florentine typographists, who, with entrepreneurial courage, accepted to support the adventures of writers, thinkers and artists.

All this was the beginning….


To commemorate the event and, mainly, its founder Antonio Rossi, a book (Italian / English) is in print, by Prof. Stefano De Rosa, scholar, critic and professor of the History of ‘900 Art.


Antonio Rossi (1896 – 1970)