Mattia and Taddeo Rossi, the third generation

Antonio’s grandsons, Mattia and Taddeo, continue the activity, which has meanwhile become an industry, with commitment and passion which they, in turn, have learnt.

Also thanks to them, important collaborations with the fashion world have been initiated and a start has been made to develop a connection with the museum merchandising.

International orders now account for over l’80% of the company’s production. Rossi products can be found in the world’s finest, most elegant sales points.

Throughout the world an important part of the story and the tradition of the florentine stationery is told by Rossi 1931. 

Success abroad is the consummation of study and experience. Mattia and Taddeo note that success depends on the effort to understand a new market, including its cultural aspects, and how it differs from Italy as a whole.

It means understanding how the customer thinks, accepting his customary means of payment and guaranteeing that any product purchased will reach its destination quickly.

To meet this requirement, the company also has a warehouse in Florida (, which provides the fast and efficient door-to-door service required by the American public. The US warehouse has been in operation for over 15 years, thanks to the organizational commitment of the third generation at Rossi.


This year, Rossi 1931 celebrates its 90th anniversary:

“We dedicate this trip through memory to our parents and grandparents, to our co-workers and friends, to our many faithful customers and to all of those involved in these first 90 years of our company”.

Mattia and Taddeo Rossi